Front Stage

Front Stage: Chemi Rodner and Yermi KaplanFront Stage: DJ The Front Stage Street Parties LineThe Front Stage Street Parties Line

Front Stage is the Young City Authority (of the Jerusalem Municipality) line of summer events. Every Friday during July and August, downtown Jerusalem bursts with youngsters, students and passersby who come to enjoy the street parties and events of Front Stage, turning Jerusalem into the pilgrimage of young party lovers and the local hipster crowd.

The Front Stage line has gained its namesake, making a reputation for itself among Jerusalem's youngsters, thanks to a few key ingredients, mainly the top-notch artists who come to perform, the fun loving, summery, and studential atmosphere and of course its status as an open event, free of charge. 

Alongside the awesome parties and live performances, the downtown area will also be flooded with art fairs offering designers clothes, art pieces and accessories, video art exhibits and of course the various live performances including concerts, stand up shows and more. 

The Front Stage Street Parties, 2011