The Jerusalem Art Festival

The Jerusalem Art FestivalThe Jerusalem Art FestivalThe Jerusalem Art FestivalThe Jerusalem Art FestivalThe Jerusalem Art Festival

The Jerusalem Art Festival is one of the most acclaimed artistic and cultural events taking place in Jerusalem every year. It has become a landmark in Isreali culture, and a longstanding tradition of creativity and art in Israel's capital. The festival hosts various shows every year, including theatre performances, dance shows, and live music concerts performed by hundreds of artists running the gamut of all performance arts in Israel and abroad. 

The Jerusalem Art Festival premiered in Jerusalem in 2002, financed and produced by the Culture and Art Department of the Jerusalem Municipality, and it is one of the country's renowned cultural events, a cultural crossroads of various artists and creators, also aiming to encourage young artists and performers. 

A week of various cultural events, shows and performances await you during the Jerusalem Art Festival, a cultural experience you wouldn't want to miss. In addition, all of the festival events are low cost and the majority of the events are open to the general public free of charge. 

The 2012 Jerusalem Art Festival: The opening Show - Natalie Orayon in a tribute show for Mercedes Sosa